Vocations Discernment Community for Men


The purpose: is to give men, aged 20-36 years, a year (September – July) where they can learn about priesthood and the various forms of religious life, and come to some conclusion about where God may be calling them. It is for men who are aware of God’s calling but are not sure how specifically to respond, or who need some time for personal or academic development.


Pattern of life: During their year in community they can be working full-time in normal jobs or doing voluntary work or in studies. Daily meals and prayer (morning and evening) will be in common. Mass celebrated for the community at least once a week. Two evenings there will be talks, prayer and discussion groups. Weekend activities will include retreats (both giving and receiving), trips, and experience of actual religious life. Social activities will be part of the mix, as will free time.


Types of input: We will have members of different religious orders and diocesan priests come and give talks. There will be input and discussion on the various forms of calling. The members will individually spend two or three weekends in religious or diocesan households. We will participate in and collaborate with other vocation-related initiatives.


Personal development: We will encourage pastoral development through having the members run prayer and discussion groups, weekend retreats, and social activities. Some might need to catch up on A-levels or learn about basic Christianity (e.g. Maryvale Catechism course). Others might need help with personal issues. We can supply some psychological counselling. Regular spiritual direction is recommended. There will be talks and discussion on sexuality, celibacy and other relevant areas. The main intent is that at the end of the year the members will be enabled to move in the direction they have discerned.


Location and start: Hammersmith, London on 28 September.


Cost: £200 per week to cover food, utilities, occasional trips, speakers’ expenses and resources. Depending on circumstances we could partially subsidise the year.


Contact: Bro. Gladson Dabre OSA. Mobile: 07865664333 gladsondabre@gmail.com