Sister’s Café

Creating conversation spaces

“The Sister’s Café” opened its doors on February 25th to help develop awareness amongst young women of the role that Irish Sisters play in society. “The Sister’s Café” which is being run in conjunction with Vocations Ireland hopes to open up conversations between Irish Sisters from all congregations and Irish women from the ages of 20 to 35 who may be interested in learning more about spirituality and the role that Sisters play in modern day Irish communities.

Who will be having a cup of tea or coffee at the “The Sister’s Café”?

Congregations from various religious sisters will be happy to meet, greet and share conversation. There will also be the opportunity to learn more about vocations and the meaningful role that a Sister can play in assisting the more vulnerable in society.

“The Sister Café will be a social place where women can get a real sense of the impact we make and what faith can bring to the broader community. We are aware that many people don’t have an understanding of our work – this gives us an opportunity to share what our life is really like. Women who are interested in education, health, society and parish work will get a first-hand insight into the life as a sister.”

Sr Edel Murphy, Dominican Sisters, Cabra

“Young women regularly approach us about potential vocations and yet there is no open forum which enables them to really explore their options. We believe our little café will allow women to get to know our lifestyle a lot better.”

Margaret Cartwright, Director of Vocations Ireland

The café pops up in different venues at different times we have already been to The Dominicans in Blackrock, Brackenstown Parish Swords, and the Passionits in Harold’s Cross.

Please keep an eye on the website calendar events.

Samuel Groups

Are you ready for a faith-filled journey?

Samuel Groups take their name from the story of the Prophet Samuel told in Chapter 3 of the First Book of Samuel in the Old Testament. Samuel, still a young boy, hears a voice call him by name and thinks it is the voice of the priest Eli. At first Eli does not realise what is happening but when the call is repeated a number of times he recognises that this is the voice of God. He tells Samuel that when he next hears the voice he should answer, “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.” The story of Samuel’s Vocations begins…

Who are Samuel Groups suitable for?

Samuel Groups are for single young adults (18-30’s), who are wondering what God is calling them to do with their lives. The aim is to help participants discern their direction in life, whether this is to marriage or dedicated single life, to priesthood or consecrated life. It would also suit those who are making decisions about their career, or about spending time as a missionary or volunteer.

All those who take part, grow their understanding of what it is to make decisions as a Christian; the main aim is that participants will end the programme with a clearer view of God’s will for their life.

What time commitment is involved?

Participants take time to Listen to God and His Word speaking to their life. They commit to attending monthly meetings with the Group and to meeting individually with a spiritual guide.

What is a Spiritual Guide?

Guides are experienced people of prayer who walk with those they are guiding, and can suggest ways of renewing and deepening prayer. They listen as participants speak about their prayer life and can help them clarify what God is saying in prayer.

The monthly meeting with a spiritual guide is a time for the Samuel participant to speak in total confidentially about their prayer-life and their spiritual journey. Participants will share with their guide the question(s) they are bringing before God during the time of the Samuel Group and guides will help them to explore the decisions in the light of prayer.

What happens in the monthly group meeting?

The heart of the group meetings is a time of Lectio Divina or prayer with the Bible. As well as this there will be some social time, and often a guest speaker and time for discussion. The precise details will vary from group to group.

Samuel Group


Depending on Numbers, groups will be meeting in Several locations. Please select the groups which would be best located for you (Groups are normally held on a Sunday afternoon).

One aspect in taking part are monthly meetings outside of group meetings. Do you already have a Spiritual Guide?

If not, please answer the following questions: Have you had experience of being spiritually accompanied before?

Would you have a strong preference for your guide to be male/female?

Anything that is shared with others in the Samuel group is shared in confidence and will not be spoken about with others outside the group. To proceed, please click the box below to agree to this confidentiality agreement

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Explore A Way

Are you ready for a faith-filled journey?

If you are 20 to 30 years of age, Catholic, single and feel you may have an interest in religious life then Explore a Way is for you.

If you want to explore your inner journey to see what God has in store for you.

To receive spiritual guidance and share your stories with others.

To be challenged by others and engage with the programme to help you understand your vocation and potential calling to religious life.

To spend time in prayer and reflection.

To reflect on your calling and decide if offering yourself, your gifts, and your talents to the service of God in religious life, apostolic missionary, contemplative or to diocesan priesthood.

Then, you’re ready to walk this path with us.

About explore a way

explore a way aims to provide the input, support and accompaniment needed to help the participants discern their call.

Participants are invited to embark on this journey of exploration in the company of others who are also searching.

The programme involves five residential weekends based in the Focolare Centre, Co. Kildare.

Participants commit to attend all five weekends to ensure continuity and to safeguard and uphold the trust and confidentiality required within the group.

The weekends will provide input on vocation, discernment, prayer and religious life – its core values and the various ways it is lived. The modules will be presented by people with experience and expertise in these different areas.

A retreat experience will be built into one of the weekends to give participants the opportunity to deepen their relationship with God and gain more clarity around where God is calling them.

To take part in the explore a way program, please fill the following form and submit to us.

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