Providing an opportunity for young people 18-35 to learn the art of Lectio Divina, learn how to bring structure into their lives and especially into their minds.  They will become familiar with regular spiritual direction.  The ability to recognise and cope with the ordinary trials of spiritual life – perseverance.   Participants will become more aware of a wide range of courageous vocational choices i.e. seminary, noviciate, marriage, voluntary work, career change.

Samuel Group Programme:

  1. Introduction and practice of Lectio Divina
  2. Personal Accompaniment/Spiritual guidance
  3. Group sharing/peer support/sharing a meal together
  4. A set period of time over which a specific question is addressed in prayer
  5. Written evaluation at the end of the process
  6. The group must have a male and female leader and be open to both male and female participants.