Dr Gemma SimmondsCj the Director of Religious Life Institute  Heythrop College together with Catherine Sexton from Margaret Beaufort Institut of Theology and Prof. Paul Murray from Durham Universityhave been sponsored by the Conrad Hilton Foundation to undertake a research project entitled “Religious Life: discerning the Future.”

This is an exciting piece of research and I would invite all Congregations in Ireland to consider taking part in the research.

The research aims to talk to

  • entrants to religious congregations from 2000 onwards.
  • Enquirers since 2000 who have thought about entering a congregation or who have attempted religious life and have subsequently left.

Gemma and the team would be will to come to Ireland for a day to talk to those interested in taking part in this research.

In my own recent discussions with the Conrad Hilton Foundation they expressed their delight in being able to sponsor such a research and would be be very interested in the results both from Ireland and the UK.

If you are interested in taking part you can contact Gemma at mc20151@cam.ac.uk or ring 012237417549

or you can contact me at Vocations Ireland office 01 260 3707

This research will be most helpful in relation to the future reconfiguring of religious life.  It is a real opportunity for us to contribute to reflecting on the future of religious life.