The Lord be with you always and may you be with him always and in every place

(Blessing of St. Clare)

Who are we?

We are an enclosed contemplative community of Poor Clare sisters whose monastery is in Nuns? Island, Galway.

In fact we have been here in Galway for centuries, right back to 1642, having come through various stages from our beginnings in Gravelines, northern France, where some young Irish women had gone in search of religious life intent on returning to Ireland when persecution abated. Begun in those far off days, the same life of daily prayer and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, is ours today.

Who is St. Clare?

She is our Foundress, a contemporary of St. Francis of Assisi in 13th century, Umbria, Italy. She was by birth a noble lady, but relinquished all to live a Gospel life in the spirit of St. Francis. Our desire, too, is to show forth in a lived communion, that the presence of Christ can be a reality in our world.

This is Clare’s own exhortation to us: be with the Lord always

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Sr. Colette

Poor Clare Monastery,
Nuns’ Island,

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