We find our joy in living the Gospel in the spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi.

Ennis Poor Clares 1We are a voice before the Father for all the people of God, adoring Him and giving thanks. We spend our time in union with God through the Liturgy of the Hours and contemplation, with the Eucharist as the centre of our day.

We share with our Sisters in community in a family spirit of joy, encouragement and support. We each take responsibility for creating and maintaining an atmosphere in which the Sisters can best respond to their own call to holiness.

We dedicate our life to God through vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and enclosure, and this determines the nature of our work.
St. Francis and St. Clare saw work as a gift from God and called it ‘a grace’. With the help of the Lord we strive to respond to this grace and so return to Him an increase of his talents.

Poor Clares Ennis photo 2We in Ennis find joy in the work we do no matter how humble. Indeed for us it is joyful penance.

We live in Cloister so that we can dedicate ourselves to the Lord in a spirit that is free. There is nothing truly human, no pain or joy or sorrow that does not find an echo in our hearts. We hold it all before the Lord in prayer


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