Oh when will this nightmare be over?

When will it stop getting worse?

When will our world recover?

When will the darkness disperse?

So many people are ailing,

and far too many have died.

Each day the news is depressing,

at the end of the tunnel no light.

And yet we know God is with us;

without him we’d really be lost;

But sometimes it’s real hard to find Him

when we’re so busy counting the cost.

We need to take time to be quiet,

just focus on this day alone –

on the beauty and goodness around us,

on our friends, on our family, our home.

Faith in Jesus our Saviour will help us

in this strange situation to cope.

He promised he’d be always with us,

so we have to hold on to our hope.

                Sr Anna May O’Reilly DC

A poem written by a Daughter of Charity as she reflected upon the past few months. Perhaps it will speak to your heart and fill you with hope on this May morning.