All type of music can enter the competition. Traditional, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Gregorian etc.

Individuals, groups, choirs are welcome to compete.

The prizes at the International Event which will be held in Germany are as follows:

1st Prize €10,000 Recording contract + €2,000 cash

2nd Prize €1,000

3rd Prize €500

One winner from Ireland and one winner from the U.K. get to present at the Rock Festival in Germany with training and a band to support them. The prize will include the fare for 1 person – other members of a band or choir if they win, will be responsible for their own fare. The entry fee into the Rock Festival will also be included in the prize, along with €200 spending money.

2nd prize will be a 2 hour slot in a recording studio in Ireland

3rd prize will be €100

IRELAND & UK will each have their own jury.


1. The entry must be a new piece of music written for the event that has not already been published.

2. It must cover the topic of Vocation in the broad sense – culture of vocation – something that you feel has moved you, that you feel has come from God.

3. You must agree to promote on line/social media YouTube etc.


STEP 1. Songs are to be submitted online by 2nd December 2020 using only a mobile phone with no cuts -just raw production. the entry and competition must be promoted on You tube with a link to homepage of Vocations Music Awards.

STEP 2. Online voting takes place, from January and is comprised of 70% votes, 30% clicks.

STEP 3. A professional cast of judges listens to the entries and selects 12 winners to move forward to a live concert in Ireland. Venue to be confirmed post COVID.

STEP 4 The jury will select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner at this live performance.

STEP 4 The overall winner selected at the live performance will go to the Rock Festival in Germany.


Please watch out in the coming weeks for details of the dedicated website and email address to be launched which will be advertised on our Vocation Ireland Site.


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