Nuns at the Holy Trinity Convent in East Hendred in Oxfordshire are currently developing the new software and in so doing, are continuing a remarkable business tradition, despite been one of Europe’s newest Benedictine community of nuns. 


Prioress Sr Catherine explained that nuns at the convent have always been keen to embrace and use new technology to spread the word of God.  She said, “The nuns objective is to make Christian monasticism more accessible and to share the Benedictine tradition beyond the cloister.” 


“We follow the rule of our founder Saint Benedict, who laid out an ethos of manual work, prayer and study.”  Sr Catherine herself has run a printing business from the convent from the past couple of years known as Veil Press. 


She added, “An important part of the influence of the community comes through our websites, podcasts and email prayer line.  We are currently developing an iPhone / iPad app relating to the rule of Saint Benedict.” 


The community is also hoping to launch a series of on- line retreats for anyone who is time poor and cannot get away to spend a few days at a monastery or retreat house, but who wishes to give time to prayer and reflection with some help and guidance from one of the nuns. 


The nuns website can be accessed at


by Sean Ryan