While reflecting on Sr Eileen O’Connell’s story I was left with a question to ponder.

“This present time is gift. Seize that gift! Welcome it! It offers the space and silence needed to hear the voice of God – ‘a sound of sheer silence’ (1 Kings 19:12) – and perhaps to find within the courage to heed that call and to respond by saying yes, however tentatively. Consider saying yes to God! It’s just a first step! You will not regret it. You might just live to rejoice in it!  

Even in the hard times, when the joy of my yes is somewhat dampened, I am sustained by my trust in my God who walks with me always, who always has and who always will: ‘Remember how the Lord your God has carried you, as one carries a child, all along the road you have travelled to reach the place you are now’ (Deuteronomy 1:31). God does no less for you.”

In this week which asks us to reflect on the Good Shepherd and his love and care for us, we are given the opportunity to ponder on the question; How well do I know the Good Shepherd?