In June 2016 three people representing Vocations Ireland went to Notre Dame University to take part in the first Vocations Ambassadors training. This training was focused on how to talk and engage with vocations promotion through social media. Fr Alan Neville Vocations Director at Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, Claire Carmichael Communications Officer with the Redemptorist and myself were delighted to be part of this new wave of promotion for Vocations.
The training was over three days where we learned new skills, some of the dos and don’ts on social media.
Since returning we developed four training days for congregations to get started on Social media. The four days have been in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Galway. With people ranging from those who haven’t been near a computer for a few years to those who just wanted some tips and tricks to use.

Through our training, we have seen many Facebook pages spring up with people using their creativity with photos, videos, and prayer to show what life is like in their order. We have seen people build their confidence up in what they can do themselves with a little knowledge. Developing the need for a new language for vocations that is accessible to all people.
These days were just starters and the opportunity to taste, the real work now starts with each congregation developing their page to their unique and developed ways. Moving forward it’s important to like and share what we all have to offer.

Anna Keegan, Volunteer with Vocations Ireland with one of the Galway Participants.

participants from Galway and Belfast workshops

working hard and enjoying the day.