The Salesians are present in many places in Ukraine and continue to assist people affected by war. They have launched a fundraising appeal in Ireland through their Mission Office (Don Bosco Aid) for funds and necessary items in support of their work with the refugees. Have a look at the details on their website.

The Pallottines                              

The Pallottines have nine communities of priests in Ukraine and four communities of Sisters. Most of their members there are Polish, who have all decided to remain in Ukraine. People are sleeping in Churches and the communities are working to provide food and shelter.  The main Society website provides a series of reports. All are available in English from the original language.


For the next two weeks, anyone coming on to the Trócaire website who wants to donate to Ukraine will be directed to donate via the IEA webpage. Trócaire will work collaboratively with the IEA to promote that appeal to the general public. 

Through the Catholic Church network – the Caritas network, Trócaire has been engaging with Caritas Ukraine, Caritas Poland and the secretariats in Caritas Europa/Internationalis. Caritas Ukraine works with the most marginalised people in the country and are supported by a large body of volunteers.

They are supporting 3 categories of people: 1) people in transit, supporting them to make their way to the border,  2)those who are left behind-supporting them with supplies 3) those who reach the border –  providing food, shelter, transport and psycho-social support.

Caritas Poland are also working on the border and all 45 dioceses in Poland are involved in trying to provide support. Poland has received 400,000 refugees from Ukraine over the past week and volunteers from Caritas Poland are providing food, blankets, hygiene kits and other essentials to people at the border as they arrive. We are working in partnership with Caritas Poland, extending financial support to their work on the Polish/Ukrainian border to support those arriving from Ukraine. Trócaire will continue to engage with Caritas Europa to identify how best to support the local Caritas organisations in their response.