Jesuits in Ireland 

Fáilte – Welcome


Over 300 Irish Jesuits, priests and brothers, are engaged in a wide range of work both at home and throughout the world. We are united by our faith in a God who wants all men and women to be truly free and live as Children of the Father. The service of Faith and Justice involves us in everything from spiritual direction to the care of homeless young people. Some of our men devote their lives to serious reflection on the meaning of Faith in contemporary life. We work as teachers, parish priests, psychotherapists, sociologists, historians, broadcasters, theologians, philosophers, writers, painters, technicians and administrators. We try to dedicate all our work to the Greater Glory of God. In our web site( we share with you the great variety of ways in which we and our many friends and colleagues seek to find God’s will for our modern world.

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Fr. Myles O’Reilly SJ

Jesuit Community,
Gonzaga College,
Sandford Road,
Dublin 6.

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