explore a way

Are you ready for a faith-filled journey?

If you are 20 to 30 years of age, Catholic, single and feel you may have an interest in religious life then Explore a Way is for you.

If you want to explore your inner journey to see what God has in store for you.

To receive spiritual guidance and share your stories with others.

To be challenged by others and engage with the programme to help you understand your vocation and potential calling to religious life.

To spend time in prayer and reflection.

To reflect on your calling and decide if offering yourself, your gifts, and your talents to the service of God in religious life, apostolic missionary, contemplative or to diocesan priesthood.

Then, you’re ready to walk this path with us.

About explore a way

explore a way aims to provide the input, support and accompaniment needed to help the participants discern their call.

Participants are invited to embark on this journey of exploration in the company of others who are also searching.

The programme involves five residential weekends based in the Focolare Centre, Co. Kildare.

Participants commit to attend all five weekends to ensure continuity and to safeguard and uphold the trust and confidentiality required within the group.

The weekends will provide input on vocation, discernment, prayer and religious life – its core values and the various ways it is lived. The modules will be presented by people with experience and expertise in these different areas.

A retreat experience will be built into one of the weekends to give participants the opportunity to deepen their relationship with God and gain more clarity around where God is calling them.

To take part in the explore a way program,
please fill the following form and submit to us.


Telephone: 01 260 3707
Email: info@vocationsireland.com

Residential Weekend

Focolare Centre
Curryhills House,
Curryhills, Co. Kildare