Extract from Letter from the Provincial of the Oblates in Ukraine

Obukhiv, 28.02.2022

“Over the past few days, it has been necessary to hide many times from bombings, but the Oblates do not leave their monasteries and parishes but stay in them, to accompany people, support them morally, spiritually and materially, and often allow them to shelter in the cellars of our churches and monasteries.

In Chernihiv, which is often bombed by the Belarusian side, not only parishioners but also people from nearby buildings take refuge in the basement of the church, where young children also spend the night. In our Tyvriv monastery and sanctuary of Our Lady of Tyvriv and martyrs for the faith of the 20th century, a large group of parishioners from Kyiv and other parishes more threatened with bombing found shelter. In the Sanctuary of St. Joseph, there is intense prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament for peace. Such prayer takes place in many of our chapels and churches.

In various circumstances of our everyday life, also during the celebration of the Eucharist, we hear sirens announcing possible bombing or flights of military planes, which is the cause of increased fear.

All the more, we express our sincere gratitude to everyone for every form of support, especially for intercession before the Lord. We believe that God can work a miracle and give us peace.

Many of you have the opportunity and the desire to support our ministry financially. Thanks to it, we will be able to help people who are entrusted with our responsibility and all others who need help even more effectively. And for this, we will be very grateful and we will respond with our prayers.”

Financial support can be sent to an account in Poland. Payments in Euro.

Beneficiary: Prowincja M O N M N Delegatura Prowincjalna na Ukrainie

Beneficiary’s Account: (IBAN): PL69 1240 1763 1978 0000 1813 2432

Beneficiary’s Address: ul. Ostatnia 14, 60-102 Poznan, POLAND

Bank Name: PEKAO S.A. II o./Poznan

Address of Bank Branch: ul. Masztalarska 8 a, 61-767 Poznan, POLAND

SWIFT CODE (Bank International Code): PKOPPLPW

BLZ Code: 12401763