Is God Calling You?

What is a Vocation?

The word vocation comes from the Latin word ‘vocare’ which means to call. Through our baptism as Christians we are all called to be followers of Christ and to live the Christian Values that are found in the Gospels in our daily lives. Some people choose to live their baptismal call in a more radical way in the religious life.

Every person is different, some people may experience the above but it may not mean that they should become a religious brother sister or priest. It’s always good to check this out through prayer and conversation with others, a good friend or perhaps a person you know who is already living his kind life or you can contact the Vocations Ireland Office or visit our website.

How do I know what my Vocation in life is?

Looking at a vocation takes time. It can be exciting and nerve racking and even at times confusing!  It’s important to get guidance, to pray and to try to be open to whatever the Lord wants.

To help you with this we offer two different types of programmes.

1: Come and meet others who are searching for a meaning to life.

You might like to belong to a Samuel Group

Providing an opportunity for young people 18-35 to learn the art of Lectio Divina, learn how to bring structure into their lives and especially into their minds. They will become familiar with regular spiritual direction. The ability to recognise and cope with the ordinary trials of spiritual life – perseverance. Participants will become more aware of a wide range of courageous vocational choices i.e. seminary, noviciate, marriage, voluntary work, career change.

Samuel Group Programme:
1. Introduction and practice of Lectio Divina
2. Personal Accompaniment/Spiritual guidance
3. Group sharing/peer support/sharing a meal together
4. A set period of time over which a specific question is addressed in prayer
5. Written evaluation at the end of the process
6. The group must have a male and female leader and be open to both male and female participants.

2. How do I discern the possibility of a Vocation to religious life / priesthood

Maybe you have been thinking and talking to people about Religious life for a while now.   Would you perhaps like to look at this more seriously?   Then maybe joining our exploreAway programme might be helpful.

An opportunity for young, single, men and women between the ages of 21-40, who are interested in exploring religious life in a reflective and prayerful environment.
Do you feel God might be calling you to live out your Christian call by becoming a sister, brother, priest, nun or monk?

Are you searching for a way to offer yourself in the service of God’s world?
Do you want to be a witness to God’s love in the world and especially to our most vulnerable brothers and sisters?
If any of the above resonates with you we invite you to join us over five weekends to experience and explore where God may be calling you.

“For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord,
Plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.”

Jer 29: 11-14

3. For those of you who have already decided you want to be a religious Sister, brother or priest and have already chosen the Congregation you are interested in.  Check with this congregation if they have a programme specific to them that you might like to become part of.  Or tell them you are interested in taking part in our exploreAway programme which many of the congregations already subscribe too.

If through prayer and conversation you are seriously thinking about Religious Life then it is a good time to look at the various congregations & Societies to see what their main focus is on.

Browse through our directory which will introduce you to the different categories such as Contemplative, Apostolic, Missionary style of life.

Some of the Ministries that the different congregations are involved in are: –